The Purpose of the Parnate.org Website

This web site is for my fellow comrades who have taken anti-depressants for months or even years and not gotten better or have tried them in combination with add-on medications to no effect. I have done both of these painful things. Parnate.org is intended as a website for education and sharing of experiences regarding anti-depressant Parnate®.

Adherence to the Scientific Method

Information published on this site is based on scientific research rather than marketing and advertising done by pharmaceutical companies.

This website is a work in progress. Any suggestions are welcome. My goal is to both learn and help others learn as much as possible about all aspects of anti-depressant therapies in order to help those whom the psychiatric (I feel compelled to say) 'establishment' has failed to help.

Parnate.org unrelated to Parnate's creator Smith French Kline

This website has nothing remotely to do with the erstwhile manufacturer and inventor of Parnate®, that is, Smith French Kline.  Parnate.org will never have any: ads, affiliate links, fees.